Servizi doganali Ghisoni customs services


Autotrasporti Ghisoni Srl has received the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) from the customs authority. 

The AEO Full qualification certifies the company for Customs and Security aspects. It has been achieved after a long period of training and inspections made by the customs authorities about the company compliences concerning the accounting area, security rules, customs regulations and financial solvency.

The decision to carry out the process to obtain AEO certification arises from the desire to offer our customers the best possibile, fastest and the most efficent and rigorous service at the same time as cost containment. The AEO certificate is an international accreditation that makes us able to offer an inclusive service of transport and customs facilities  that allow numerous advantages: 

  • A single point of contact for transport, storage and customs services. 
  • Decrease of the goods movements with consequent time-saving and improved safety 
  • Possibility of carrying out customs activities in both import and export, processing or transit operations
  • Cost reduction thanks to the possibility of using as transit point the logistic center in Pozzaglio ed Uniti – Cremona 
  • Facilitations on customs security controls and simplifications in the customs clearance process;
  • Priority treatment of the load in case of inspections 
  • Better cooperation and communication between supply chain partners;
  • Exemption from the provision of guarantee for some customs operations and possibility of charges deferrent payment

The company that choose the Ghisoni Group Customs Services is supported at every national ports and airports and at internal customs, both for introduction operation at the customs warehouse and for the IVA tax warehouse

In case of CUSTOMS WAREHOUSE there are a lot of advantages:

  • No advanced payment of customs duties (charges, VAT and other internal taxes)
  • Total discharge of customs duties payment for goods addressed to extra EU countries
  • Release without customs duties inside the warehouse
  • Commercial facilities for goods on consignment
  • Possibility of goods usual handling: repackaging, assortment, labelling, etc..

If you choose the VAT tax warehouse:

  • For import and free circulation goods, the payment of VAT is suspended
  • VAT payment for outgoing goods is only with self-assessment and accounting entries
  • Release without VAT inside the warehouse
  • No VAT fulfillment of goods addressed to other UE countries 
  • Operations in “light tax representation”

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